Bilal Ashraf

SQA Engineer

Exploring myself after trying diverse fields such as modeling, Pak Airforce and development, I finally realized that my true passion lies in Software Quality Assurance. I see myself as the Head of the QA department one day and as per my quality time at EL, I want to be the Head of the Department in the same organization in the future.   

My journey has been a complete roller coaster since I switched schools 10 times in 10 years till matriculation. Not many people know but I did acting and modeling in 12th grade. I wanted to pursue a full-time career in the same, but given my family’s disinterest, I chose to discontinue it. Although I still consider that as one of my passions.

When I was in college, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my career. After aimlessly spending my time there, I got enrolled in a university, after my friend filled in an admission form on my behalf, and that paved the way for me into Software Engineering. But when I was completing university, I developed a passion to join Pak Air Force. However, to my dismay I couldn’t get in and my fate led me to Software Quality Assurance instead.

I explored my interest in my Bachelor’s and started my professional career as a software developer. In the course of the first 3 months, I was confined to games development only. But, I found the work of Quality Assurance much more interesting. To put my hands into more pies, I decided to switch to QA. And after one year in that field, I was set on what path I wanted my career to move into. I switched to another organization after the gaming industry and spent 1.7 years there, before I finally moved to Emerald Labs as QA and my journey so far has been nothing short of a healthy experience. I would define it all as “suitable”.

In all my previous companies, I learned a lot and grew my skills. And one thing that makes EL unique for me is the culture, friendly environment, and the element of no micro-management. My seniors are simply awesome, and I see ours as a perfect team. In my free time, I play Tekken and Snooker, and I love playing cricket and travelling to hill stations. I plan to do a Master’s and that’s on my bucket list only if I ever find the time to do so.

"Fate is one thing, but hard work is the force that drives you to success."

Bilal Ashraf’s Life Mantra