Staff Augmentation

Build A Global Team Of Experts

The world has moved to a remote work model and this creates a great opportunity for companies to access global talent. Besides instant access to global talent, companies can also experience substantial cost savings by hiring remote teams.

Is Staff Augmentation the Right Fit for You?

The answer is yes if any of the following relate to your current status:

  • Trying to control cost
  • Trying to control your burn rate
  • Have challenges in finding the right talent
  • Planning to launch a product in multiple geographical locations
  • Intention to expand your existing team
  • Want to set up “R&D” team to test out concepts/prototype

Build Your Team, Your Way

Build Your Team, Your Way

Our team of experienced recruiters works with you to understand your vision, culture, and product. They then scout for talent based on the job descriptions provided. Our comprehensive recruitment process ensures you find the “Right Person for the Right Job”

Access to a Large Talent Pool

Access to a Large Talent Pool

Our engineering office is based in Pakistan which is the sixth populous country in the world and ranks fourth in the world in terms of freelancing. We can help you scout and recruit for talent based on a wide range of expertise as per unique needs in cutting-edge technologies, architectural methods, and industry expertise.

No Administrative Hassle!

No Administrative Hassle!

Our staff augmentation services give your team the speed, experience, and adaptability required to meet your product and business needs. By opting for our Staff Augmentation model, you free yourself from any administrative hassle and also save money.

How It Works


  • Each one of our developers have been thoroughly verified, trained, and prepared to work so that they can join your project at any time, even in an emergency circumstance.


  • Hired resources operate from our state of the art office space based in the center of Lahore.


  • Our office managers act as your Ops team making sure your remote team is fully functional.


  • We manage all the administrative tasks like payroll, taxes, office space, procurement, etc., and free you from the administrative hassle.

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