Redevelopment from android to iOS

Creating an iOS app for AGEX from their pre existing Android app within a month.

Need: AGEX is an agricultural startup helping farmers manage their bovine herds. AGEX already had an existing Android application and wished to have a native iOS app built that would work with all their existing backend. There was a time limit connected to their need, with delivery required within a month. 

Delivery: Technical prowess and speed was the focus for this project. Our engineering and PM team met the desired needs by creating a front end iOS app that seamlessly incorporated into the existing backend. Furthermore, and importantly, we ensured “feature parity” by delivering the same features AGEX used in the released version of their Android app. Finally, along with all other features requested, delivery was made on time.

Time frame: 

 February 2018 – Approached by AGEX and contract signed.
 March 2018 – Delivered full native iOS app with complete functionality.