Fast acting supply to demand

Reducing development time through outstaffing with Emerald 

Need: Big Wheel Barrow helps reduce the time and labor it takes for food grown on small farms to get into local supply chains through the use of their software. They were seeking to reduce the development time on this solutions software through employing a senior or junior level developer. As a startup they sought an offshore developer that could work with them at a comfortable cost. The problem was, upon interviewing and finding prospective candidates to outsource to, the leads would go silent and the job advertisement and interview process had to be run again, delaying overall progress.

Delivery: At the time Big Wheelbarrow was a small startup that had seed funding, which meant offshore companies had reservations working with them. This is where we came in supplying them with a senior level developer at a third of the cost of a junior level developer who set to work immediately. Their cash runway increased dramatically and within a few months they progressed the functionality of their product.

Time frame: 

December 2018 – Approached by Big Wheel Barrow and brief given.
February 2019 – We presented the shortlist of the perfect candidate.
March 2019 – The developer commenced work as a full time dedicated employee. 
Present  – This is an ongoing contract that is happily still in play.