Building the vision from scratch

Complete architecting for Zilker’s ground watering system

Need: Zilker wished to create an intelligent over the ground watering system which could be controlled via a mobile app. The desired features were an integrated flow meter (that quantifies water use in gallons or inches), a weather based watering system that tracks evapotranspiration, soil moisture, rainfall, and the smart detection of problems such as leaks or closed faucets. Additionally the ability to control, set scheduling and monitor from anywhere.

Delivery: In order to meet Zilker’s needs, Emerald delivered the required criteria by building the software for both the front and back end from scratch. 

Emerald architected the whole system with backend in Rails (REST and WebSockets). Furthermore a native iOS mobile app was created for users to control their watering system, and added intricate scheduling options were created to tailor to a user’s needs. Finally we also defined the communication protocol which was used by a firmware team to communicate between the Server, Bridge and Valve.

Time frame:  

October 2018 – Connection established and contract made
March 2019 – After 6 months of building, testing and —Job done!