An integral part of the team.

Finding the right tech support and creating long lasting relationships.

Need: Vant Marketing, based in New Braunfels, Texas, were seeking to expand their technical support team without the added pressure of managing a new employee. As they were unable to source the proper talent locally, they approached Emerald in hopes to find the ideal candidate who would fulfill their needs and integrate seamlessly into their core team. 

Delivery: We were able to find Ammar, who’s strong WordPress and PHP knowledge fit the bill perfectly, and who is now an integral part of the Vant Marketing team.

Emerald’s responsibilities did not end there however. We are responsible for handling all of the HR, payroll, benefits, and office leads for Vant’s support team. 

Furthermore while Vant Marketing directly assign tasks to Ammar via their task management software, Air Table, we quietly monitor in the background to ensure no issues arise. From great teamwork grows great results. 


Feb 2018 – Connection made and brief given. 
March 2018 – Match made and contract created.
Present – This contract is happily still active to the present day.