Curbside helps in improving medical decision making through an EHR-integrated B2B SaaS platform for hospitals and front-line clinicians. It provides intelligent support that is built into clinicians’ core workflows to help them be more effective in their jobs.

Service We Offered

QA Testing

Emerald Labs used Staff Augmentation to collaborate with CurbSide which resulted in productive outcomes. The main focus was Manual Testing because of their inclination toward MVP Structure. In some cases, Automation was also put into use. The project was completed within the defined time with the cooperation of the QA and Development Teams.

 Story Behind Curbside

Product Summary

Leading medical centers use Curbside to continuously improve the best practices of their entire team with EHR-integrated workflows, customized to their priorities. Curbside supports health systems and hospitals to expand their clinical content library e.g. clinical pathways, protocols, guidelines, A3s, checklists, etc.

Curbside’s data-driven decision optimization system is proven to reduce practice variation and improve adherence to institutional best practices.

Tech Stack




World’s Largest Clinical Logic Community

The intelligent support provided by Curbside for optimizing clinical effectiveness is integrated directly into the fundamental workflows used by doctors. Instead of making decisions on a case-by-case basis, the decision-making process is influenced in a more systematic way by the greatest available evidence in the world. This evidence is adapted to their patients and adapted to their institution.