EMR is a marketing website for Emergency Management and Responses which is the largest all hazards emergency management NGO. With the trust of government and private sectors in this platform, it provides unparallel disaster management along with emergency response resources. 


It is equipped with read-to-deploy caches, massive immediate response capability, adaptable technological communication tools, state-of-the-art Emergency Operators Center which runs 24/7 and highly trained and experienced professionals.

Service We Offered

Web Application Development

Our developers aimed at developing a highly efficient and responsive web application for the platform. They enabled the functionality of the website with WordPress which proved to be beneficial to all those in need regardless of the hazard.

Story Behind EMR

Product Summary

Having responded to hundreds of Type I, II and III incidents, EMR is a platform entrusted by thousands of Americans with their lives. The organization had joined hands with many local, state, federal and private partners to provide unwavering support at times of most challenging disasters. The NGO is a 501C3 non-governmental organization and trusted government partner with responding to emergencies for over two decades. With a variety of resources and services provided by EMR, it is equipped with a unique flexibility, scalability, and capacity for complex incidents.

Tech Stack


Preparedness: Planning, Training, & Exercises

EMR also supports governments, municipalities, health departments, nonprofits and private industries by planning, training and exercising support. With real-world scenarios, tried and tested protocols and processes, they provide relevant and timely preparedness.