Mizãn Institute

Mizãn’s core principle is to enhance the accessibility of comprehensive Islamic educational content to Muslims living in the West who seek to elevate their knowledge and comprehension of Islam. To achieve this objective, Mizãn offers extensive courses on diverse Islamic subjects, delivered in person at multiple locations throughout North America via a user-friendly platform.


Services We Offered

Web Development

Our Team created the web of Mizãn using WordPress. With the theme of Elementor, they simplified the functionality of the platform and made it more sharp, and refined for the users. With payment gateways such as Stripe, Donorbox, top learning management software Learn-Dash, and Acquity Scheduling as the appointment booking feature, Mizãn makes knowledge highly accessible.

Story Behind Mizãn

Product Summary

Muslim parents prioritize children’s Islamic education through school and lectures. But after high school, limited learning opportunities create a thirst for deeper Islamic knowledge. For young professionals and couples, time for learning decreases, leaving their desire unfulfilled.

Mizãn Institute aims to bridge the gap between Islamic scholarship and English-speaking Muslims in North America. The institute offers carefully tailored courses that take up to 100 hours to prepare and can be taught over a single weekend. This allows busy individuals to access quality content from great scholars like Allamah Tabatabai in an interactive setting.

Tools Used








Learn Dash


How Mizãn Enhanced Knowledge & Accessibility 

Mizãn Institute expands reach and offerings with 1500+ students, online Mizãn LIVE program, diverse instructor team, unique podcast shows, in-person courses across USA and Canada, and ongoing expansion of course offerings for continued Islamic education at any stage in life.