Muhammad Danish

Senior Android Engineer

My journey is a journey of passionate pursuance of heartfelt goals, filled with academic and professional achievements. ou can achieve anything if you have the necessary drive, passion, will, and determination. 

What’s exciting about the software industry is that you come across new challenges every day and to overcome those you need to keep yourself updated at all times. It’s a continuous learning process.

From a very young age, I have been a curious boy. My interest in computers is very old and started when my Mamoo (maternal uncle) gifted me a PC. Soon after I found myself deciding between IT / CS / SE to pursue my higher studies. Owing to my love for computers, it was obvious I’d pursue IT. Most of my friends chose Web Development during my undergrad, but I decided to take a different course.

Indulging in my curiosity, I decided to start learning Android Development, something that was not even a part of my courses at university. So, what to do now? Where to go, how to learn? At the time, I couldn’t afford a laptop let alone paid courses, so I settled on free courses from Udemy on Android App Development. So one after the other, I started gathering knowledge exploring different courses. Later, I also managed to buy a laptop, and things were slightly easier. At times, I’d spend 12 hours in one stretch feeding my hunger for learning. While learning became easier, debugging became a problem. I used to borrow my friend’s mobile to debug applications since I got my first smartphone in 2017. I also wanted to learn iOS development, but I had to drop it because I couldn’t afford a Macbook.

Fast forward, and I have landed myself a government job but only after spending a few months, I realized this environment does not match my pace of work. I was completely cut off from Android Development and my skill was going to waste. So I left the job. My friends and family were furious at the decision I had taken. Who leaves a government job? They would say.

Enter, software industry. The world had changed and I could see that I have found my calling. I was enjoying myself, I was back into my learning zone and I was being challenged. With my excitement and growth, my friends and family soon realized that leaving the government job was indeed the right decision.

So here I am, making my way up! Today I am proud to have won Google Android Developer Jetpack Compose Challenge and having received a trophy from Google. I also secured a Deep Learning Nano Degree Scholarship sponsored by Facebook last year. I even pen my learnings on Android Development on Medium.

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"If you want to succeed, you need to set goals and work towards them."

Muhammad Danish’s belief system