Anam Farooqui

Project Manager

As a kid, as almost every one of us, I also dreamed of becoming a doctor or an engineer. So when the time came, I enrolled myself into an IT university as I realized being a doctor was not my thing. When I got into university I didn’t even know what a software house was. 

During my BSCS, I totally fell in love with programming and upon graduation was offered an internship in QA and there upon my journey towards a Senior QA began. Seems easy? Well, it wasn’t. In between Internship to Senior QA Engineer today, I got married and right before marriage I resigned from my job with the notion that I won’t be able to continue it with my family responsibilities.

Little did I know that I will be blessed with a partner who will fully support me to build my career. There upon, I enrolled myself in Masters when my baby was only 5 months old. With baby duties and studies, I spent many sleepless nights but here my mother also deserves a huge shoutout for standing by me through these tough times and helping me cope.

I was one of those who would literally hate working from home but when my kid came along I thought there is no bigger blessing than remote work. That’s how priorities change! I am always apprehensive of leaving my kid at daycare and hence avoid taking full time jobs with work from office. But I was lucky enough to join Emerald Labs that allowed remote work and always honored my priorities. I personally know of many mothers who are capable enough to pursue their careers but have limited opportunities to do so which ends up in frustration and regrets.

I am glad that I have such supportive family and senior management at work. Right now it’s their support that’s keeping me going!

"Sometimes things are more than they appear."

Said by Shrek

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