Daniyal Cheema

Project Manager

Life always does not go as we plan. Some people have a roller coaster of a life with dramatic happenings. But I believe Allah SWT is the best planner. It took me some time to be cognizant of the fact that the Creator has plans for us which are for our betterment. It was 18 Sep 1993 when a fairy handed me over to my mother in the city of lights “Karachi”. I was the first child of my family making me the most beloved amongst all other grandchildren.

I had all the privileges until I lost my biggest support system, my childhood friend, my grandfather back in 2000. I was 7 years old when I first realized what it means to lose someone very close and special to you. I started growing up with my siblings and the army of my cousins. I had a wonderful childhood full of joyful memories. As we grew up, the city of lights started dimming due to the unprecedented political activities which pushed my beloved family to make a difficult decision. We had to move to the bustling city of Lahore. It was a bittersweet farewell, leaving behind the memories and familiar streets of my childhood but who knows what fate had decided.

I chose BSCS as my bachelor’s program and started my graduation from the University of Central Punjab back in 2013. But Life seems to be very unpredictable. Along the way to the road of graduation, fate took a right turn and I got married in the first year of my graduation. Programming was not my thing but I made my way through with the help and support of my family and friends. I finally graduated in 2018. They say life gets easy once you have a professional degree but that’s not true. Every phase of life has its own plight.

After my graduation, I accepted the challenge and started looking for opportunities. I started my career at UET Game Studio as a Game Story writer and Game Tester. After working for over a year I stepped into my first entrepreneurship with my friends and restructured my career path towards Project Management. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. My first professional effort and the dream to become a billionaire failed but taught me some valuable lessons making me grow professionally.

I have a strong belief that hard work never lets you down, It may take some time to taste the fruit but surely if it’s destined for you, you will taste it. So now here I am at the Emerald-Labs working as a Project Manager and building myself for future challenges that fate has destined for me.

Beyond my professional endeavors, my heart finds solace and fulfillment in the embrace of nature. I have an insatiable love for exploring mountainous regions and immersing myself in the breathtaking beauty that Mother Nature bestows.

As I look back on my journey, I realize that every setback, every stumble, was a stepping stone toward self-discovery. I have learned that life’s dramatic turns can either break us or shape us into the resilient individuals we were meant to become.

"Keep working hard, and let the rest flow with the river as designed by our Lord."

Daniyal Cheema’s Life Mantra