Full Stack Development

Engaging with Emerald Labs means we are here as your partner, helping to see your project through to the end.

We work globally, offering full stack development support, and depending on your needs we can create a whole project from start to finish, including:

Application Settings
Apps (IOS and Android)
Look at the given architecture and find the right solution for you
Web solutions

We do our share of the research and trust your judgement by working with your established platforms. This means that within the first month we create an outline of the architecture by doing a thorough examination of everything you have given us, which is then presented to you before we start building. This initial process is incredibly important as it eliminates possible surprises and greatly increases efficiency. For quality control we track our design with in-built testing, so that you get fail safe architecture upon delivery.

Plus, you can count on us for three months extended support at no additional cost!

Research your established platforms so we understand exactly how to help you and what needs to be done.

Provide ongoing support of 1-3 months free. After that we can remain with you for a fee.

IT solutions for your existing software.

Services within development

All documentation, resources and access is handed over to you.

Complete architecting for new software, app, web solution, design.

Build testing into the software so if it breaks we know why, and how to fix it.

Learn how we helped our client in developing the software backbone of their smart water value.

Lets help you build your product.