Acting as a matchmaker, we supply hiring and maintenance for your extended team of dedicated employees, managing all HR processes remotely while you get on with the important things.

We understand that fulfilling a need not only requires finding the right skill set, but also the best team player who will seamlessly merge into the ethos, and character of your company.

Why Pakistan?

Pakistan is the 4th largest English speaking country in the world with an ever expanding freelance industry that is already highly ranked. This means you will have access to incredible IT talent, at a globally competitive price.

Furthermore, we are familiar with the market in Pakistan and can vouch for our pool of talent as we have employed their skills on our own projects.

Besides facilitating US based companies to get access to highly skilled individuals we are also creating positive social impact in Pakistan through; paying above market wages, ensuring job security and desirable labor relations.

Pros of out-staffing with us:

Build your own team offshore
Work with developers whose skill meets global expectations
You don't need to worry about payroll and taxes, we take care of that
Flexible hiring model that allows you to grow your team
You have full control over the development process
Low rates and taxes

Learn how we helped our client in building their off-shore team.

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