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Software Quality Assurance – A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

By QA definition, software quality assurance is a set of activities and processes designed to ensure the quality of software products and services. QA engineering aims to identify potential issues with a product or service before it is released into production. Software quality assurance teams use testing…

4 Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make (And Solutions)

When working on a business venture, there are various common mistakes new entrepreneurs make. It is crucial to realize the entrepreneurial process.
According to The Daily Times, over 90% of startups wind up as a failure in their first year in Pakistan.

Agile Manifesto in Software Management: A Guide

Agile Software Development Manifesto is a set of principles intended to guide agile software development. It outlines the values and principles that should guide the agile software development lifecycle. Mission is to articulate core values and philosophies appropriate…

AWS Amplify & Intuitive Development

Cloud-based models have been the new norm for many tech companies. And for all good reasons. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the perfect amalgamation of a more accessible, convenient, and customer-centric interface of web and mobile application development.

5 Tips To Innovate Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a process whereby a company outsources software development to third-party developers. The process of creation of any software product till it’s deployment and support, requires much consideration and evaluation to be successful.

15 Common Programming Mistakes & How To Treat Them

Common programming errors are mistakes in coding that can cause a program to behave unexpectedly or crash completely. Moreover, careless mistakes can lead to security vulnerabilities, leaving your system open to malicious attacks. When it comes to programming, a single error…

Get to Know About Custom Software Development 

Custom software development follows the same approach and methodology as other software development. A custom project would follow the same procedures as any other software project, including gathering requirements, writing code, testing, and deploying it.

Role Of Staff Augmentation

The world has moved to a remote work model and this creates a great opportunity for companies to access global talent. Besides instant access to global talent, companies can also experience substantial cost savings by hiring remote teams.

What is Rapid Prototyping


Rapid prototyping is an agile product development strategy. This method involves creating and testing 3-dimensional prototypes of a product or feature to optimize shape, size, and overall usability. idea of prototyping dates back many centuries in human history.

07 Popular Frameworks for Web App Development

Web application frameworks offer a wide range of pre-written components, code snippets, and whole application templates. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular web frameworks to make web development easier for you.

08 Programming Languages for Cybersecurity in 2021

With so many stories concerning cybersecurity, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is increasing interest in joining the business. So, what are the finest programming languages for cybersecurity, and how do you choose them? 

05 Github’s Most Popular Open Source Repositories

GitHub is a platform for code hosting for version control and collaboration. It comprises of thousands of projects and millions of devs of different experience. Many people carry out their dream projects and promote their own GitHub careers.

05 Famous Sites
Built With
Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web application frameworks, created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004. It is designed to facilitate and accelerate web applications programming over other frameworks like PHP or ASP.

All You Need
To Know
About Express. Js

Express is a popular web framework that provides a powerful set of functionality for web and mobile apps. Released in 2011, Express was utilized by several well-known companies, including Fox Sports, PayPal, Uber, and IBM.

All You Need
To Know
About WordPress

WordPress powers over 39% of all internet sites. It creates thousands of jobs
globally, and millions of websites use WordPress to make money. WordPress was created as a blog platform back in 2003, and today it’s the most popular solution.

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