Voice Star.ai

Voice Star is a Voice-enabled Restaurant Inventory System. Saving +80% of your time managing pars and assets and automating ordering with ease using voice and artificial intelligence, it ensures 100% ROI. 

Stop Typing. Start Talking

Voice Star also enables MedTech – Voice Inventory app that connects to inventory manager database and creates preference cards by surgeons and procedures using voice and AI.

Service We Offered

App Development

Our developers using React as the backend provided stability to the application. They enabled the USP of Voice Star i.e. voice recognition. In MedTech – Voice Inventory, they created the modifications for medical equipment, medicines, appointments, and more. 

Story Behind Voice Star

Product Summary

Voice Star aimed at bringing machine learning and voice technology to foodservice sector. The foodservice industry is dynamic and to meet the transformations, modern restaurants operators need tools and potential solutions to save time and money.

See it. Say it. Count it.

Voice Star believes that counting inventory bottles and steaks, or preference medical cards using a sheet or accounting apps is time-consuming. Therefore, integrating VoiceTech + AI in periodic stock counting and creating pre-surgery carts makes the whole procedure fast and efficient.



Tech Stack

React Native

Automate Legacy Business Processes Using Voice + Ai 

VoiceINV™ makes periodic inventories hassle-free. For cash flow and shrinkage management, managing stock assets is essential, therefore, They helps restaurant operators take inventory counts in minutes instead of long hours. 

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