EL Gems

Cross-team collaboration, active encouragement of ideas, open and free-flowing communication and a culture of mutual support and tolerance engage a company’s talent towards success. Here’s presenting you our EL GEMS stories.

Anam Farooqui

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Between Internship to Sr. QA Engineer today, I got married and right before marriage I resigned from my job …

Mohsin Raza

iOS Engineer

Growing up, from the early demise of my father when I was 5 years old, my life revolved around financial … 

Ali Armaghan

Data Analyst

My academic pathway was shaped by my early interest in Computer Sciences and programming. Propelled by my surety …

Khurram Pervaiz

Head of QA Division

I never really was a fan of IT industry and was never happy with the idea of upgrading my skillset every now and then …

Amir Yamin
Head of Engineering

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of my software development career and I couldn’t be more content …

Hamza Tanveer

ROR Engineer

Since I hated school, I’ve never stuck with one. My repeated school transfers left me without a wide social circle …

Sajjad Ahmed

Junior Android Engineer

Dealing with complications has always been something I have undertaken with courage, be it the hurdles that my health …

Zeeshan Mustafa

Software Engineer

My colleagues at Emerald Labs usually begin their lunch hour with an overview of what everyone brought for lunch, but I like to …

Bilal Ashraf
SQA Engineer

Exploring myself after trying diverse fields such as modelling, Pak Airforce and development …

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