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Seed to Series A and beyond

As veterans in the tech startup scene, we have sat in your chair.  We know your challenges, and we know how to solve them.

Build it right from the beginning and be ready to speak with VCs with confidence!!

Properly documented codebase

Up to date technologies

IP Protections in place


We are software architects with deep technical knowledge and excellent communication skills. We understand the balance between doing things quickly and investing in a solid foundation for the long-term.

Emerald Lab’s software engineers are world-class, amongst the top 5% of talent in Pakistan. They are certified by experts in their domain and have excellent communication skills. They are fast, efficient, and ready to accelerate your growth.

A dedicated DevOps team that has experience across every cloud infrastructure. We are experts in CI/CD, automation tools, and keeping services running 24/7.

Our world-class QA team works hand-in-hand with our engineers to assure quality, completeness, and accuracy are present in every release.

Why a remote team in Pakistan?

The US is suffering from a severe tech talent shortage. Pakistan has become a prime locale for companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to fill their talent gap. Access the same pool of amazing developers that Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are chasing after.

Superior Talent

When evaluating talent, we utilize a rigorous, 4-step certification process, eliminating mediocre talent, and identifying the cream of the crop.  Rest assured, you are accessing the top 5% of tech talent that Pakistan has to offer.

Lower Cost

Access the same quality of talent as Silicon Valley at a fraction of the cost. Maximize innovation and accelerate growth all while staying under budget and reaping larger profits.


Use the time zone difference to your advantage, by utilizing a follow-the-sun development methodology. Reach deadlines faster and turnarounds quicker. Your remote team will have a 2-3 hour overlap with US time every morning for meetings, standups, etc.

The Game Plan

The Emerald Labs start working with you immediately. Our engineering and technical recruiting understand and identify the perfect engineers for your team. After the team is built you are ready to accelerate your growth and maximize innovation.

Companies that partner with Emerald Labs can expect

Ramping up a technology team up to 50% faster than hiring on your own

Scaling a technology 50% - 70% lower cost than in the United States.

Keeping your best talent around by improving your engineering retention rate up to 95%

Not missing product/services go-live deadlines, driving efficient growth, and hitting your milestones

Start working with engineers with Silicon Valley level talent at a fraction of the cost

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