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Custom Software Development is a meticulous journey of turning unique ideas into tailored digital solutions. From the collaborative planning phase to the agile development, rigorous testing, and seamless launch, it's a process designed to bring your vision to life. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology, cost-effective solutions and transparent communication, ensuring your software not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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our working model

Plan Phase

What To Expect
~ 2 weeks
1. Business Analyst
2. Tech Lead
1. Product Roadmap
2. Functional Requirement Documents (FRD)
3. Business Process Flow
4. Tech Stack to be Used
5. Release Plan(s)
Clear Project Vision: The Product Roadmap outlines your project's strategic vision, ensuring alignment with long-term business objectives and informed decision-making.

Precise Specifications: Our Functional Requirement Documents (FRDs) entail software features, serving as a precise blueprint for development.

Transparent Tech Integration: We provide a tech architecture drawing and tech stack to be used for a clear visual of the technology's structural components and interactions.

Business Process Flow: Our streamlined process ensures a cohesive visual flow from project vision to optimized technology implementation, maximizing clarity and efficiency throughout the development.

Timely Milestones:
Release plans provide visibility into milestone achievements and deployment progress of your entire product roadmap.

Design Phase

What To Expect
~ 3 weeks
1. Project Manager
2. UI / UX Experts
3. Solution Architect
1. Full Figma Designs
2. Clickable Prototype of your Software
3. Product Requirement Document (PRD)
4. Milestones/Epics in the form of Gantt Chart
UI / UX Design: Based on your branding guidelines and philosophy, we provide high fidelity mockups to represent your app as it should look like.

Visual and Interactive Previews: We start with full Figma designs and a clickable prototype for a tangible preview of your software's visual and interactive aspects.

Precise Product Roadmap: We create a detailed Product Requirement Document (PRD) that outlines functional specifications, features, and technical requirements, serving as a vital reference throughout development.

Modular Project Organization: We break the project into manageable components, structured into milestones and epics, enhancing control and progress tracking. We present all the visuals into a Gantt chart, so you can easily track live progress of your product.

Develop Phase

What To Expect
Dependent on the Project Scope
~ 10 - 16 weeks
1. Project Manager
2. Tech Lead
3. Software Developers
4. Mobile Developers
5. QA Engineers
1. Sprint Meetings
2. Access to Product Underdevelopment
3. Weekly / Bi-monthly Demo
4. Change Request Management
Sprint Meetings: Regular team gatherings to discuss progress, priorities, and plan upcoming work, ensuring project alignment and tracking.

Direct Product Access: You'll have direct access to the evolving product during development, allowing close monitoring and informed decision-making.

Scheduled Demos: We offer weekly or bi-monthly demos to showcase the latest features, providing opportunities for feedback and adjustments.

Feedback Management: Our robust system manages feedback and change requests, with structured documentation and effective implementation of modifications based on your input.

Test Phase

What To Expect
~ 2 weeks
1. Client
2. Project Manager
3. Quality Assurance Engineers
Live App on your Domain
UAT Testing: We conduct rigorous testing and invite your feedback during User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Quality Assurance: Our internal quality assurance process ensures a robust product.

Client Review: You review the application, reporting any scope misalignments through our ticket system.

Prompt Resolution: Issues are promptly addressed and resolved to ensure a smooth transition.

Launch Phase

What To Expect
~ 2 weeks
1. Client
2. Project Manager
3. Quality Assurance Engineers
1. Prepare Checklist for Launch
2. Migrate Code to Live Environment
3. Ensure all Tech Services are Up & Running
4. Provide Constant Support
5. Full IP Transfer to You
Comprehensive Checklist: Meticulous checklist covers technical aspects and user experience testing.

Code Migration: Careful transfer of code from development/staging to the live production environment.

Technical Services Setup: Ensuring optimal functionality by setting up servers, cloud services, and third-party integrations.

Thorough Testing: Verification that all services work as expected in the live environment.

Ongoing Support: Dedicated support team available post-launch to address issues, ensuring long-term application success.

30-Day Coverage: Each build includes a 30-day coverage period for confirmation, launch, and support.

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