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Dedicated Remote Teams redefine the way you augment your workforce — whether complementing your existing team or building an entire remote unit. We seamlessly integrate into your operations, handling HR responsibilities like payroll, insurance, taxes, and office space allowing you to focus on managing the employee lifecycle and their workload directly. Experience the efficiency of top-tier talent without the administrative hassle and legal complexities, tailored to your business needs.

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our working model

Introduction Phase

What To Expect
~ 1 week
1. Recruiter
2. Client (Employer)
1. Job Description for the Vacancy(s)
2. Recruitment Process
3. Client Product / Services Profiling
Business Information Gathering: We kick off by gathering crucial details about your business, product, and hiring requirements.

Collaborative Recruitment Consultation: Our dedicated recruitment specialist collaborates directly with you, understanding goals, technical needs, team dynamics, and program fit.

Tailored Deliverables: We together finalize a detailed job description, a compelling client pitch, and a thorough profile of your product or services. These tailored deliverables set the stage for a streamlined recruitment process.

Strategic Goal Alignment: We work closely to align our recruitment strategy with your strategic goals. Understanding the larger objectives ensures that our hiring process is tailored to fit seamlessly into your overall business strategy, fostering long-term success.

Scouting Phase

What To Expect
~ 2 weeks
Healthy Pipeline of Relevant Candidates
Internal and External Talent Scouting: We leverage our recruitment team to scout for talent both within and outside the organization, focusing on the skills you've specified for the role.

Holistic Talent Sourcing: Talent acquisition goes beyond skills – we consider language proficiency, industry relevance, and alignment with your product or services in our sourcing process.

Strategic Considerations: Our scouting efforts are driven by a strategic mindset, ensuring that potential candidates not only possess the required skills but also align with your business objectives.

Robust Candidate Pipeline: The outcome is a robust pipeline of potential candidates, carefully selected to meet your specific criteria and contribute effectively to your team.

Vetting Phase

What To Expect
~ 2 weeks
1. Recruiter
2. Technical lead
qualified candidates
Eligibility Assessment: We streamline the evaluation process by scheduling basic info calls to gauge candidates' technical skills and capabilities.

In-Depth Technical Vetting: Candidates undergo thorough vetting for technical proficiency through a combination of online assessments.

Expert-Led Evaluation: Our recruitment process includes sessions led by technical experts via pair programming sessions, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of candidates' abilities and alignment with your team's requirements.

Holistic Alignment Assessment: Beyond technical proficiency, we assess candidates for alignment with your team's cultural needs, guaranteeing a well-rounded evaluation for the perfect fit.

Onboarding Phase

What To Expect
~ 1 week (offer letter sign)
~ 4 week (onboarding)

1. Client
2. Project Manager
3. Tech Lead
1. Reference Check
2. Offer Letter
3. Contract
4. NDA
Expert Identification and Offer Letter: We finalize the ideal candidate with your help and facilitate the offer letter signing, ensuring a seamless process, particularly if the candidate is sourced externally.

Credibility Check through Reference: A comprehensive reference check is conducted to verify the candidate's credibility and suitability for the role, ensuring a reliable addition to your team.

Ensuring Seamless Team Integration: Throughout the onboarding period, we focus on ensuring that the new hire seamlessly integrates into your team, aligning with your work culture and objectives.

Managing Phase

What To Expect
1. Operations Manager
2. Finance Manager
1. Office Space
2. Payroll
3. Taxes
4. Insurance
HR Partnership for Administrative Ease: We function as your dedicated HR partner, handling tasks such as payroll, insurance, tax responsibilities, tech enablement, provision of office space, and laptops to alleviate administrative burdens from your team.

Direct Management of Employee Lifecycle: While we handle administrative aspects, you retain direct control over the employee lifecycle and workload management to ensure a personalized and hands-on approach.

Flexibility for your Policies and Tools: The ongoing collaboration allows you the flexibility to implement and manage your own policies, tools, and practices, to ensure that our partnership seamlessly integrates with your unique business processes.

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Enjoy peace of mind with streamlined legal processes and simplified complexities, so you concentrate on your business goals.

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Bring your own management style, tools, and policies for a customized and seamless integration into our collaborative ecosystem.

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