Faizan Mahmoood



Every individual has their own journey, influenced by the choices we make and the opportunities that come our way. Coming from a background in finance and auditing, my path has been a process of self-discovery, where I have been able to make a meaningful impact in the field of finance and entrepreneurship.

Starting from working at well-known audit firms to establishing my own successful ventures, my story reflects resilience, constant learning, and a pursuit of genuine satisfaction and fulfillment. After working in audit firms and gaining valuable experience, I discovered that my passion extended beyond traditional accounting. I made the brave decision to start my own tech startup called Capital Stake. Our company quickly became a trusted provider of financial data for the Pakistan Stock Exchange in itself and leading brokerage firms, earning a strong reputation in the industry.

Seeking to expand my horizons, I set out to further explore the realm of entrepreneurship after my initial success. I took on the responsibility of managing Pakistan’s largest tech startup incubator, Plan9, and worked in parallel with the US State Department on their initiatives related to entrepreneurship in Pakistan. During this period, I had the opportunity to connect with Ali Syed and Naqi Syed, who shared my vision for positive change. In 2020, we came together to establish Emerald Labs, with the aim of connecting great talent in Pakistan with startup companies in the US.

Throughout my journey, I have learnt that in dealing with self-centered individuals, exercise caution and carefully select trustworthy people who embody honesty and sincerity. Once you’ve found them, respect their integrity.

Looking ahead, I see myself continuing to develop new services, making a positive impact on society, and contributing to economic growth, regardless of my role. I envision Emerald Labs thriving with a committed team and an exciting range of innovative products, fostering growth and diversity. Most importantly, I hope to establish a strong leadership team that can independently guide the organization, with minimal involvement from the founders. That I believe will set a true example of succession planning.

Though I currently have limited time for hobbies, there was a time when I enjoyed playing tennis, golf, and indulging in books. Life sometimes surprises us with delightful coincidences, and my daughter being born under the birthstone Emerald was one such wonderful coincidence.

As I progress in my career and lead Emerald Labs, my journey reminds me of the significance of seizing opportunities, staying true to my values, and making a lasting positive impact. It serves as a reminder that with passion and dedication, we can create meaningful change and can perhaps leave a meaningful legacy.

"Am I building people or using them to build myself?"
My Life Mantra
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