Fareeha Mahmood

HR Operations Executive


I started my journey with table tennis trials in grade 3, where I surprisingly made the team over my brother. My basketball journey began in grade 6, leading me to become the Sports President in grade 10. 🏓🏀⚽️

My sports journey continued at the University of Lahore, where the education and sports opportunities were top-notch. In my first semester, a casual football game with friends caught the attention of the football team, leading to an invitation to join a tournament in Islamabad. Without hesitation, I embraced the opportunity and became part of the university football team. Not stopping there, I excelled in both basketball and football, earning a spot in the national teams for both sports. 🌟🌍

My academic journey took an upward turn from my school days, with a notable improvement in bachelor's and master's, earning me a gold medal in Master's for high achievement. Despite a successful basketball career starting in 2020 at SA Gardens, I decided to transition to my education field due to limited opportunities in sports, particularly women's sports, in Pakistan. This tough decision led to my current role at Emerald Labs, where I started as an intern and seamlessly transitioned into a full-time position. 🎓🥇🏆

Beyond my sports passion, I have a creative side with a love for reading, writing poetry, and crafting song lyrics—impressive with 95 lyrics under my belt. Despite my current writer's block, I also enjoy playing the guitar. My aspiration is to re-enter the sports scene in a meaningful capacity and broaden my skill set by venturing into UI/UX design. The prospect of creating and contributing in diverse ways seems like an exciting path for me. 🖋️🎸

Stepping into the field of my education at Emerald Labs has proven to be an intriguing experience. The shift has brought valuable lessons, enhancing my communication and interaction skills—an area I've been working on, considering the challenges posed by social anxiety. It's remarkable how every step contributes to your growth and development. Right when I joined EL, I was able to work on the internship program. The journey was marked by significant success, thanks to the support of my team and manager. The experience proved to be both thrilling and educational, showcasing my ability to adapt and excel in new environments. 🤝💼

I believe in giving all your efforts when you are doing something. I am a strong believer in maintaining a work-life balance as well. I personally think, having little or no balance is a very toxic thing a person can do to themselves and their mental health. While progressing in your career is really important, especially in present times, I think it has become even more important to focus on your well-being by maintaining a healthy balance. 🧘♂️

“Simplify, prioritize, and focus on what truly matters.“
My Life Mantra
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