Maria Naseer

General Manager Marketing & Operations


I have lived a very good life, Alhamdulillah! All the support, trust, and belief that my parents and sisters have had in me, made me a confident human being today. We are four sisters, and our parents brought us up as strong independent individuals.

With a diversity of roles that I have played in my career and personal life, I can certainly say that my life is nothing but a tale of beautiful moments and brave decisions. In my family, majority have been teachers, and one thing I never wanted to do was teaching (laughs). As a child, I had many dreams just like any child would. I wanted to become a scientist, but soon enough I switched my interest to business studies.

After my MBA with Marketing specialization, I pursued my career in the same, but 7 years down the lane, today I am handling not just Marketing but also HR, Recruitment, Finance and Operations and I am grateful to be where I am today. I am proud to say that I am passionate about my work. At the start of my career, for the initial three years, I hustled between three different jobs simultaneously.

My love for marketing ignited my role as Marketing Executive at PITB. I worked at Plan9, E-Rozgar and Herself, where I enjoyed every moment, and learned every single day. In evenings, I was the tutor instructor for “Entrepreneurship” at Information Technology University and simultaneously I produced “Idea Croron Ka – business reality TV show”, where my role included everything from recordings, production, to editing and post productions. Doing meaningful work and helping others is the “highpoint” of my life. The adrenaline rush of acing such diverse jobs simultaneously makes me someone who looks at life as a challenge and seizes every opportunity I can with passion, determination and willpower.

I, then, joined Superior Group as Program Manager for their Startup Incubator, Innovation District 92. 3 years later, I joined Emerald Labs as General Manager Marketing & Operations, and today I am proud of where I am and who I have become. Performing a diverse role here too has added so much to my skills and abilities.

I hope my father is proud of what all I have achieved. May Allah grant him the highest ranks in Jannah. It is indeed the efforts of my parents that I have been able to attain this high point in my life.

At Emerald Labs, I have had a great journey filled with thorough knowledge, learning, fun and lifelong friends. My role has enabled me to widen my horizons and work towards a better version of myself while I continue presenting my potential to the fullest.

If it is good for you, it will happen by the way of Allah. Until then, continue working hard, pray for the best, help others and just live a good life.
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