Zartash Tahir

Junior Software Developer


As I reminisce about my years at school, memories of laughter, tears, and friendships flood my mind. It was a time of growth and self-discovery, where I learned important life lessons that continue to shape me today. From the excitement of the first day of kindergarten to the anticipation of graduation day, my journey through the educational system was filled with ups and downs. From kindergarten up till matriculation, I was the position holder of my school in every single class.

At this point, I didn’t know what academic failure was or what it felt like. I was becoming obsessed with gaming and cricket. During my holidays after matriculation, I decided to join a cricket club due to my undying passion for cricket and represented my club in under 16 district-level tournaments. After 3-4 months of getting admission in the college, unfortunately, I had to leave my passion for cricket behind because I couldn’t manage it along with my studies together and my parents didn’t want any compromise on my studies.

The first time I felt like a failure was when I couldn’t score great marks in FSc(pre-eng) exams, all because of my overconfidence that I knew everything. It was a very crucial time in my life because now I had to take admission in a university. Looking at my FSc marks, it gave me nightmares and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to secure admission in any reputable university. But I got myself together and started preparing wholeheartedly for the entry test examination of different universities. The one thing in my mind was that I wanted to do something related to computers so that I wasn’t away from my passion of gaming. By the grace of Allah, I got exceptional marks in the entry test of PUCIT, one of the most reputable universities for Computer Sciences.

After securing my admission in PUCIT, I felt a sigh of relief and it dawned on me that it was never about the destination, rather it was all about the journey. Because after reaching a certain destination, all I could think about was the journey that got me there. So I decided that I will enjoy every moment of my university life along with my studies and that’s exactly what I did for the first 3 years. I secured above-average grades and participated in almost every society at my university. Unfortunately, when corona hit, I was in the last year of the university and everything went online. It was then that I really started focusing on learning skills related to programming and clearing my concepts.

Those skills set my base which helped me in getting my first job at Emerald Labs. it’s been one year since I am working there. While my job has been challenging, it has also been incredibly fulfilling, and I have learned a great deal.

Overall, my life has been a journey filled with both challenges and accomplishments. Through it all, I have learned the importance of hard work, perseverance, and having a strong support system. As I reflect on my life, I realize that some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned have come from my failures and mistakes. These experiences have taught me not to get caught up in reaching a certain destination but rather cherish my successes and failures in my journey. Now, I try to live my life according to the quote: “Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.”

“Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.”
My Life Mantra
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