08 Programming Languages for Cybersecurity in 2021

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By Maria Naseer
By Nabia Sajid
By Faizan Mahmood
By Fareeha Mahmood
By Aleena N.

Cybersecurity is more popular than it has ever been in the history of the world. Because of the very serious data breach that occurred in 2020, as well as the massive cyber and IT talent demand predictions for the next decade, cybersecurity is a more important topic now than it has ever been. In the past ten years, many of us would not have even heard the phrase, let alone understood what it referred to.

With so many stories concerning cybersecurity, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is increasing interest in joining the business. So, what are the finest programming languages for cybersecurity, and how do you choose them? Let’s have a look and see.


Golang is a popular language for security specialists and is best suited for silently infiltrating target systems. One source code may be built for all main operating systems using Golang. Go is full of malicious code. Antivirus programmes tend to have trouble scanning huge files, thus this lets them get in undetected.


The majority of websites utilise the domain-specific programming language, known as SQL, for data administration purposes. This language is frequently used by attackers to steal private data, breach data storage, and launch a variety of web-based attacks. You’ll need at least a rudimentary understanding of the language to appreciate the attacker’s behaviour and avoid these attacks


For some years, Python has been dominating cybersecurity. It is ideal for identifying malware, penetration testing, scanning, and hacking. Program readability, simple syntax, and a huge collection of libraries are what makes it popular. The increase in Python GitHub pulls is dependent on the language’s popularity.

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The server-side programming language, PHP, is utilised in 80 per cent of the web’s top 10 million sites. Rips is a common PHP application security analysis tool. PHP developers using security vulnerabilities can utilise RIPS. PHP is used to link databases to web pages to make website changes easier


In 2003, Slammer, an assembly-based virus, forced several website operators to slow service. Professionals in cybersecurity are continually defending against old or current malware, thus understanding how malware works are crucial. Assembly is a key programming language since cybersecurity professionals may use it to analyse the virus and its attack mechanisms.


PowerShell is a command-line programme that provides access to the inner core of a system, including Windows APIs. It is hackable to discover sensitive domain information and load malicious executables. Because it’s on every Windows 7 and newer system by default, it’s a common weapon among attackers.


Java has various information security applications. They reverse-engineer proprietary software programmes to find and exploit security flaws. To hack and do ethical things, seasoned ethical hackers utilise Java programming. Programming in Java allows ethical hackers to use it on various platforms.

Shell Scripting:

Shell scripting is a way for developers to automate regular processes. Shell scripting includes commands you may already use in your operating system’s terminal sessions. Bash is an important tool to learn whether you use Linux or macOS. Windows experts should immerse themselves in PowerShell.

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