5 Famous Sites Built With Ruby on Rails

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By Maria Naseer
By Nabia Sajid
By Faizan Mahmood
By Fareeha Mahmood
By Aleena N.

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web application frameworks. It was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004 as an Open-source web development framework. It is designed to facilitate and accelerate web applications programming over other frameworks like PHP or ASP. In many renowned sites, Ruby on Rails has been used. In this article, we take a look at five famous ROR sites, which show you the way they work and the success rate.

So, let us not leave these stories untold!

1. AirBnB:

Airbnb is a popular online reservation and rental marketplace. It uses RoR for the accurate and secure processing of payments by addressing certain key weaknesses in the web framework. RoR is intended to simplify work with the payment system of Airbnb for developers.

2. Hulu:

An extremely popular video-on-demand subscription service is also designed on RoR. However, in addition to RoR, the popular site uses several web frameworks. But for its backend it still uses RoR.

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3. Shopify:

RoR is used on this widely used e-commerce solution to speed up the development of webstore. Shopify even enables developers to use a number of RoR-based libraries and services. For example, developers can create RoR applications with Shopify.

4. Twitter:

RoR helped develop the online news and social networking site. At its launch in 2004, Twitter used RoR. However, some of its backend services were subsequently shifted to Java and Scala, citing issues of scalability.

5. GitHub:

Tens of thousands of software developers currently use web-based hosting services for version control to store and share computer code on a daily basis. GitHub is one of those websites built with RoR for high traffic. It relies on RoR applications for quick and efficient processing of a large number of applications.

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