AWS Amplify & Intuitive Development

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By Maria Naseer
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Cloud-based models have been the new norm for many tech companies. And for all good reasons. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the perfect amalgamation of a more accessible, convenient, and customer-centric interface of web and mobile application development.

Today, we will discuss how one of its services, AWS Amplify, has taken the world by storm with reliability, simplicity, and acceleration of tasks.

AWS & Top-Notch Features That Make Development Intuitive:

As the tagline goes: “Build full-stack web and mobile apps in hours. Easy to start, easy to scale.”

AWS is a full-stack platform that enables developers to create full-stack scalable applications with AWS as the host. Launched in 2017, this platform helps you create an AWS backend for your applications, a visually appealing frontend UI, accessible deployment, and extend your app with 175+ AWS services and employ new use cases, DevOps practices, and user growth.

With hundreds of different platforms that promise easy deployment and hosting of quick, secure, and reliable websites, and apps, AWS Amplify lives up to the promise.

The most intuitive features of AWS Amplify include:

1. Cross-Platform Amplify Backend:

Using AWS Amplify tools and services, you can easily configure a new backend. Being serverless, it saves time on complex configuration and management of back-end features.

The authentication, storage, data, GraphQL, Rest APIs, and importing or exporting AWS resources has been made much more accessible and swift.

You can easily connect apps to different backends by AWS may it be from AWS libraries or studios. Amplify Studio also enables you to manage the content and users of your app. The single CLI command can help you reach 175+ services by AWS. You can now support all your progressive requirements and scale.

2. Pixel-Perfect Amplify Studio UI:

Amplify Studio features an immaculate User-Interface with pre-built UI React components. You can customize them to a flawless style of your own. And with the integration of Figma, you can import prototypes as viable codes.

Coherence of UI components with data sources is now reliable and quick. And building a prototype in such a reliable environment before production enables you to test and preview them on the go.

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3. Swiftly Deployed Amplify Hosting:

You won’t have to account for time lost when you can deliver and host static and server sides rendered web applications in just a few minutes.

Git repository and AWS console can connect with your source code in no time and you can configure build settings quickly.

On every code commit, you can now automatically add deploy updates and sustain your websites.

4. Authentication, Storage & Sync:

When it comes to modifying your applications, AWS Amplify has a plethora of features in fully comprehensive and managed user directories of sign-ups and log-in integrations. Storing information and syncing them in applications is much more manageable with the AWS resources of Amazon AppSync and Amazon S3.

The feature of Data Store works as a leverage of shared data. The no-code development incorporates a smart element from Data Store by accessing allocated and cross-user information in clicks.

5. Interactions:

Conversation bots (Amplify Alexa), cross-app and backend messaging (PubSub), emails, texts, and push notifications (Amazon Pinpoints) enable real-time conversation with customers and users.

Waste no more time maintaining the infrastructure of your websites and applications with AWS Amplify. And render more time in creating value for customers.

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