Role Of Staff Augmentation

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By Maria Naseer
By Nabia Sajid
By Faizan Mahmood
By Fareeha Mahmood
By Aleena N.

The world has moved to a remote work model and this creates a great opportunity for companies to access global talent. Besides instant access to global talent, companies can also experience substantial cost savings by hiring remote teams.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation providesthe project with skilled specialists while at the same time allowing management to maintain control over the project’s progress.

Reasons of Having a Staff Augmentation:

1. The need to reduce recruitment costs

2. A new project begins with a lack of staff,while in-house specialists have to work overtime

3. Specialists with specific technology stack are required

4. Before launching, the project must be tested by independent experts.

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A Cross-Functional Strategy:

Staff Augmentation is a powerful technique that may help firms boost agility and respond to changing business needs. It’s becoming more common across industries.

4 Benefits Business Can Get from Staff Augmentation:

1. Reduce the amount of time spent on recruitment.

2. No infrastructure investment.

3. No restriction based on geographical limitations.

4. Cost reduction in the development process.

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