What do Recruiters look for when Hiring Developers?

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By Maria Naseer
By Nabia Sajid
By Faizan Mahmood
By Fareeha Mahmood
By Aleena N.
We are in the era of social innovation, and only technical skills are no more necessary to stand out.

When it comes to applying for jobs, developers can’t use the traditional ways anymore.

A plethora of developers appears in the market every year with a will to render their services. They may be proficient in all the technological methods and systems, however, that is not the only requirement anymore.

Let’s find out the other essential traits employers look for when hiring a developer:

1. Communication Skills:

Ownership and accountability can not be just felt. It must be communicated. And developers intend to work proficiently with other team members of different domains and expertise.

So can you represent your full command in your work, or share a query without proper communication?

Certainly not. Thus, when looking for developers, employers persist in not having a candidate who can’t put forward their best communication skills and represent themselves in a better way.

2. Willingness To Learn:

To bridge the gap between mediocrity and fineness, one has to invest time and effort in developing their skills and potential continuously. This agenda can only be achieved with a willingness to learn.

The Tech industry is revolutionizing with the introduction of new technologies every year.

And, to stand the test of time, it is necessary to upgrade your skill set and to adapt to newer technologies efficiently. Thus, hiring managers look for a thirst for learning and growth in candidates.

3. Cultural Fit:

This is an era of social revolution. Employees now don’t look for just money and a place they can go to work for. It is necessary for every organization to position a brand’s culture in the mind of the audience.

Employees now require a culture that can give way to their mental and physical well-being.

Apart from that, they believe in building long-term relationships with the people around them.

Every company tends to represent such a culture and a vibe in its own way. It is necessary for every organization to position a brand’s culture in the mind of the audience. Therefore, someone who can prove to add immense value to the culture of the organization will be preferred by recruiters.

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4.  Adaptability To Change:

Conflict resolution and change management are necessary topics taught to business students. And the need to prepare them for adaptability from a younger age represents its importance.

No hiring person needs a rigid personality who can not survive a change in the systems, work life, or even culture of the organization.

Therefore, it is necessary to have such a flexible personality that you can handle any change effectively and resonate with it as quickly as possible.

To enhance your natural tendency to handle change, any candidate must give food to their thoughts and practice balanced behavior to deal with hard situations.

5. Technical Skills:

There is no question that technical skills are not essential for a job. Our debate is that only technical skills aren’t. Proficiency and command of technical skills give an edge to any developer among a pool of candidates. Experience and continued growth are also a necessity to get to the dream job at a unicorn.

Final Word:

Therefore, forget that you can stand out from the crowd with a command of technology only. This era requires every developer to have a willingness to learn, a tendency to fit in the culture, adapt to difficult situations, and communicate effectively. If you have such all traits, keep on grooming them to put your best foot forward when applying for jobs.

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